Comprehensive Plan 2013

On October 28, 2013, the Falmouth Town Council unanimously adopted the 2013 Comprehensive Plan. This plan is now being submitted to the State of Maine for a review of consistency with the Growth Management Act. In the near future the Town Council is expected to determine implementation priorities and assignments.

Note: The spreadsheets on PDF pages 119-130 are best printed on 11 by 17 inch paper. 

Note: Large file! Please be patient when uploading. The maps on PDF pages 9-28 are best printed on 11 by 17 inch paper.

Contents of Volume I: The Plan
Cover Letter
Executive Summary
Introduction and Vision
Future Land Use Plan
Regional Coordination Program
Capital Investment Strategy
Issues, Goals,Policies, and Strategies
Implementation Strategies
Plan Evaluation

Contents of Volume II: Appendices
Appendix 1: Implementation of 2000 Comprehensive Plan
Appendix 2: Public Participation Summary
Appendix 3: Survey Results
Appendix 4: Inventory Chapters -
Population and Demographics
Local Economy
Public Facilities and Services
Fiscal Capacity and Capital Investment Plan
Natural Resources
Marine Resources
Recreation and Open Space
Agriculture and Forestry
Historic, Archaeological, and Cultural Resources
Appendix 5: Timeline of Falmouth Planning Reports
Appendix 6: Image Sources
Appendix 7: Implementation Action Spreadsheets

Contents of Volume III: Maps
Mapping Sources
Current Land Use
Future Land Use Plan
Residential and Commercial Growth, 1990-2011
Potentially Developable Land
Natural Resource Limitations
Preferred Sewer Expansion Possibility in Growth Area
Areas of Potential Zoning Review
Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation
Town Facilities
Natural Resources
Water Resources
Publically-Accessible Recreation Facilities
Marine Resources
Agricultural and Forest Resources
Historic and Archaeologic Resources
Town-Wide Resource Conservation Overlay Zoning Districts
Shoreland Zoning
Coastal Bluff Hazards (Shoreland Zoning)

For more information
Please contact Theo Holtwijk, Director of Long-Range Planning, or 699-5340, or stop by his office on the second floor, if you desire to receive a printed copy of the plan. A paper copy of the plan is also available for review at the Falmouth Memorial Library. Please ask for Laura Bean.

Thank you for your interest.