Emergency Shelter

Falmouth Emergency Management Officials have determined that current conditions do not warrant the opening of a shelter at this time. Should a shelter need to be open, information will be posted on this page.

For more information during normal business hours you can contact Emergency Management officials at (207) 781-2610.

For the latest information on any potential large scale emergency in Falmouth please call the Falmouth Emergency Management Hotline at (207) 699-5241.

Important Shelter Information

Where is the Town of Falmouth shelter?
The designated shelter for the Town of Falmouth is the Falmouth High School, located at 74 Woodville Road.  The shelter has an emergency generator, kitchen and bathroom facilities, an area for cots, as well as plenty of space for members of the community.

What does the shelter provide?
The shelter has cots, blankets, and seats as well as bathrooms and showers.  

What do I need to bring to the shelter?
You will need to bring towels, soap and any toiletries that you need.  Also remember to bring any medications that you are currently taking, as well as a list of important phone numbers should you need to call family or friends.

How can I find out if a shelter is open?
There are various methods to find out if a shelter is open in Falmouth.  They include:

  • Falmouth Emergency Management Hotline (207) 699-5241
  • Media outlets such as radio and television stations
  • Falmouth Public Access channel 2
  • Town of Falmouth homepage

Dial 2-1-1 for the Statewide information hotline

Who do I call if I need a ride to the shelter?
The Falmouth Emergency Management Hotline (207) 699-5241.

Who do I call if I have an emergency?
Dial 9-1-1