Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year

Every year the Town of Falmouth honors an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the municipality through the Citizen of the Year Award. The award acknowledges exceptional contribution to the community and positive examples of citizenship. 

2022 Citizen of the Year

Kevin FahrmanOn Thursday, June 22, 2023 at the Town of Falmouth's annual Municipal Recognition Ceremony, Town Councilor Tommy Johnson presented Falmouth's 2022 Citizen of the Year Award posthumously to Kevin Fahrman affectionately known in the Greater Portland area as the Valentine’s Day Bandit. The Citizen of the Year award, established in 1964, acknowledges exceptional contribution to the community and positive examples of citizenship.

Fahrman moved to Falmouth in 2002. Born in Port Jefferson, New York, he later moved to Danbury, Connecticut where he graduated from high school. He came to Maine to study forestry at the University of Maine in Orono. His sense of adventure and creativity eventually led him to pursue his interest in art. He moved to Portland in 1977 where he met his wife, the mother of two children. Together they welcomed a third child. The couple relocated to Falmouth to provide their children with a childhood similar to his own, in a close-knit neighborhood. 

Councilor Johnson presents Citizen of the Year AwardThroughout his life, and especially in Falmouth, Fahrman was known for spreading kindness and offering assistance to his neighbors. One of his greatest passions was Sailmaine, a nonprofit organization that supports sailing in Maine at the community level. He made it his mission to provide parents with images of their children out on the water, images they often wouldn’t be able to capture themselves. “These acts of kindness touched a great many families in Falmouth, but his reach went even beyond his own neighborhood and beyond our community, to touch tens of thousands throughout Greater Portland,” said Johnson, upon presenting the award. For four decades, every February 14th, Fahrman anonymously plastered storefronts and business windows with red hearts, carrying out a tradition begun in his early years as a Portland resident. His secret mission grew more elaborate over the years. Large hearts appeared at Fort Gorges in Portland Harbor, over the entrance of the Portland Library, and on the sides of multi-story buildings.

Fahrman passed away in April 2023. His wife, Patti Urban, along with his children and family friends, accepted the award on Kevin’s behalf. “Kevin was a selfless, loyal, and hilarious force in every community he served and will be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to be touched by his warmth,” said Johnson.

Citizen of the Year Past Recipients

2022    Kevin Fahrman
2021    Richard Bicknell
2020    Dorothy Blanchette
2019    Not awarded due to pandemic
2018    Ralph Bonville
2017    Marsha Clark
2016    Mayer Fistal
2015    Sam Rudman
2014    William "Bill" Lunt III
2013    Nancy Lightbody
2012    Falmouth Fire EMS
2011    David Gagnon
2010    Stanley Bennett
2009    Arthur Frederiksen
2008    Jane Sudds
2007    Faith Varney
2006    Hugh Smith
2005    Linda C. Roberts
2004    Alan Donald & Darcy Donald
2003    Bonnie Anderson
2002    Jean Gulliver
2001    Arthur & Connie Batson & Kim Geyer
2000    Fred Chase
1999    David Tovey
1998    Gail Zarr
1997    Roger Snow
1996    Kenneth Recker
1995    Gus Root
1994    Helen Knight & Roy Wilson
1993    Ray & Dot Jenkins
1991    James Keeley & Rosie Poirier
1990    Jack Rimkunas
1989    Diane Lamontagne
1988    Janet Moore & John Russell
1987    Freeman Cleaves & Jane M. Murphy
1985    Charles Grubb
1984    Dot Jenkins
1982    Lawrence Lothrop
1981    Ed Robinson
1980    David Caldwell
1979    John Russell
1978    Norman O'Brien
1977    Mildred Cole
1976    Jane Sudds
1975    Robert Fuller
1974    A. Holman Wilson
1973    Louis Smith
1972    John LaPlante
1971    Thomas Randall
1970    Walter Chesney
1969    Dr. Arthur Woodman
1968    Joseph Youngs
1967    Archibald Knowles
1966    Ted Vail
1965    Dr. William Taylor
1964    Harold Jones