Permits, Forms, and Street Acceptance

Application Forms
Form NameDescription Use
Any time a property owner, business, or non-Falmouth entity connects to the Town’s storm drain system, this form must be completed and reviewed/approved by the Public Works Department.
Form NameDescription Use
Whenever an excavation is to occur within the public right-of-way, an excavation permit is required. In addition, contractors also need to submit a copy of their certificate of liability insurance.
Whenever a property creates a new access point along a public street.
Street Acceptance Information
Form NameDescription Use
When a developer, private property owner, neighborhood association, or other entity chooses to offer a road to the Town for acceptance, the applicant needs to adhere to the guidelines set forth in this ordinance.
Street acceptance applications must be submitted with the appropriate fees, which are outlined here.
Council resolution to further promote street interconnectivity and discourage public dead-end streets.