Stormwater Management

The Town of Falmouth prepares and implements a 5-year permit and plan to protect stormwater from becoming polluted. Every year, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection requires that the Town report their progress in implementing the plan, and update the plan to better protect stormwater. To view the Stormwater Program Management Plan, click here.

The Town of Falmouth has also enacted an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of non-stormwater items into the storm drain system. The ordinance says if it’s not stormwater, don’t dump it down the drain!

The Town of Falmouth requires stormwater management for new development and ensures that best management practices are implemented during and after construction activities have taken place.

Falmouth is a member of the "Interlocal Stormwater Working Group" (ISWG).  The ISWG collaborates on regional efforts in the Greater Portland area. For more info, click here.

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Stormwater Fact Sheet

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