Fire Stations

Falmouth Fire-EMS provides emergency service from three stations which house 3 engines, 3 ambulances, 1 tower-ladder, 1 tanker, 2 4x4 utility trucks, and 3 staff vehicles.  Each station is commanded by a Captain, and each apparatus has an assigned Lieutenant and a crew.  The EMS Division is made up of members from all three stations led by a fultime Captain.  Our three ambulances combine to run over 1,000 medical calls each year.


Station 1, built in 1951 and remodeled in 1991, is located at 287 Foreside Road and is first due to District 1.  District 1 runs on the East side of Falmouth (commonly called Falmouth Foreside) and includes Foreside Road (Route 88) and all roads off from it from the Route 1 intersection to the Cumberland town line.  Station 1 also responds first due to the Town of Cumberland in the Cumberland Foreside area. Station 1 houses Engine 1 and Ambulance 1. Station 1 is also home during the school year to 2 Southern Maine Community College Live-in Students.

Station 1 - Foreside Station


Station 2, commonly known as Central Station, is located at 8 Bucknam Road and was built in 1976.  Station 2 is first due to District 2, which starts at Route 1 at the Portland line to the Cumberland line and stretches West to Woodville Road.  District 2 includes the Pleasant Hill section of town and also covers both I-295 and the Falmouth Spur (3-mile highway that connects I-295 to I-95). Station 2 houses Engine 2, Tower 2, Ambulance 2, Ambulance 3, a 25-patient MCI trailer, a highway safety trailer, and the administrative offices.  Station 2 is staffed 24x7 with two per diem firefighters (1 paramedic and 1 EMT) who respond to all fire and EMS calls in Ambulnace 2. The administrative offices are staffed with a fulltime Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, EMS Captain, and Office Administrator Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Station 2 - Central Station


Station 3, located at 44 Allen Avenue Extension, was closed in 2009, after serving as a fire station since 1935. Responses to the Pleasant Hill area are now handled by the other Falmouth fire stations with help from nearby Portland FD in the event of a reported or confirmed fire.


Station 4, located at 5 Winn Road covers the largest area of Falmouth.  District 4 stretches West from Woodville Road to the Towns of Windham and Westbrook.  District 4 includes Gray Road (Route 100) from the Portland line to the Cumberland line and also includes the school complex on Woodville Road. Station 4, built in 1980, houses Engine 4, Tank 4, and Utility 4 and also contains the dorm rooms for 4 Southern Maine Commuity College Live-in Students.

Station 4 - West Falmouth Station