Parks and Public Lands Maps

Welcome to our Parks and Public Lands page, highlighting public access and points of interest associated with these resources. We hope this is a useful tool when you are looking for access to parks and open space in Falmouth. From boat launches to preserves with miles of trails, this information will be a great resource for all outdoor enthusiasts.We look forward to adding new properties to this list as the Town and Trust continue to work together to protect lands in Falmouth.

Please note that the Town does not own or manage Mackworth State Park (State of Maine), Maine Audubon or Highland Lake boat launch (State of Maine). 

Printed maps are available at Town Hall, Parks & Community Programs & Public Works - $3 suggested donation.

Use this link to access our Trail and Parks Finder app.

Use of Parks and Public Lands
Dog Owner Responsibilities
Hunting Guidelines
Miscellaneous Offenses and Use of Firearms Ordinance
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(FLT) below indicates Falmouth Land Trust fee in the property or a portion thereof.

Parks and Public Space Properties
Parks and Public Spaces Properties
27 Maine Audubon (privately owned)
28 Mackworth Island (State Park)